Chief Henry Iyke Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE ULI)

He is the founder of IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION. A business mogul with varied business interest within and outside Nigeria. A philanthropist and a man who has the well being of his community at heart in everything he does. His humanitarian gestures within and outside his Alaife, Uli community speaks volumes of his kind heartedness.

Hon. Frank Igbojindu (Chairman Akpoazaa Group)


IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION, a brain child of Chief Henry Iyke Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE ULI) was initiated for the love of humanity.

In his quest to develop his community and humanity, he sought for the best platform through which aides can get to the common man, hence the idea of IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION.

IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION is known for its love for Education, as we believe that the best legacy to give to any child is Education. Education is the key.

To make sure that every child gets good Education, we created from IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION an intervention initiative called IFENALAIFE EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM.

Through this IFENALAIFE EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM scholarships are being awarded to indigent children and best brains selected through Quiz Competition and Debates to enable them achieve their goals which ordinarily would have been averted by financial constraints.

We believe in Rebuilding Lives For Future