Ifenalaife Foundation (CAC 145311) is a registered philanthropic and social intervention foundation set up by High Chief Henry Iyke Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE).

Onwa Alaife, the founder and Chairman of, Ifenalaife Foundation is an indigene of Alaife in Uli Anambra state of Nigeria.

IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION was established to create a real and measurable value on these key points.

1. Education Support Program: This includes awards of scholarships to the best brains and indigent pupils and students in the society, of which currently the foundation is taking care of 234 pupils and students in Nigeria. This includes pupils and students from different regions in the Nigerian state.

This program helps to facilitate the value of education in society.

2. Youth Empowerment Program: The youth are usually engaged with skill acquisition programs like fashion and designing, ICT, Hairdressing, and other vocational training and thereafter empowered.

This helps to reduce the unemployment rate amongst the youth and other social vices.

3. Community Development Programs, Welfare and Health: Recently, the Foundation engaged the services of medical experts to diagnose and treat the women and children of Uli community of various illnesses and keep them in check.

The Foundation also provides palliatives which include 400 bags of rice and 60 cartons of groundnut oil for the community and her neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

However, as part of her yearly festive celebration program to the community, Onwa Alaife through Ifenalaife Foundation shared a total of 600 bags of rice, 100 cartons of groundnut oil, and 200 pieces of wrappers to the community in January 2021. However, work is already in progress for the forthcoming massive festive celebration for January 1, 2022.

More to that, in keeping up with her responsibility to society, the Ifenalaife Foundation in November 2020 lightened up Uli community with 356 double solar panels light.


The Foundation was awarded the prestigious Education ICON award for educational services to society.

The Foundation has been of great assistance to the needy both in Nigeria and some African countries.

IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION in a quest to deliver her social responsibility is in the process of entering into partnership with some agencies and some African countries.

Recently, Ifenalaife Foundation, through the Chairman, Onwa Alaife will on November 4 (His Birthday) be unveiled as the PROUD SPONSOR ANAMBRA STATE MATHEMATICS AND IGBO QUIZ COMPETITION for Senior Secondary Schools in Anambra state to be held on December 10, 2021, where a million naira worth of scholarships would be awarded to champions.

The Quiz competition program is powered by Best Brain Contest, a registered non-governmental organization.

In conclusion, the foundation has gone from strength to strength and is recognized for its pro-social activities in Nigeria. The organization is dedicated to improving the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation’s people through improved access to good quality education and healthcare in addition to cultural enrichment.

Our intervention areas range from community development initiatives to food programs to health schemes.

The Future is bright with IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION with so many programs and partnership to be unveiled soon.

High Chief Henry Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE)

Chief Henry Iyke Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE ULI)

He is the founder of IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION. A business mogul with varied business interest within and outside Nigeria. A philanthropist and a man who has the well being of his community at heart in everything he does. His humanitarian gestures within and outside his Alaife, Uli community speaks volumes of his kind heartedness.

Hon. Frank Igbojindu (Chairman Akpoazaa Group)


IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION, a brain child of Chief Henry Iyke Mmerigwo (ONWA ALAIFE ULI) was initiated for the love of humanity.

In his quest to develop his community and humanity, he sought for the best platform through which aides can get to the common man, hence the idea of IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION.

IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION is known for its love for Education, as we believe that the best legacy to give to any child is Education. Education is the key.

To make sure that every child gets good Education, we created from IFENALAIFE FOUNDATION an intervention initiative called IFENALAIFE EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM.

Through this IFENALAIFE EDUCATION SUPPORT PROGRAM scholarships are being awarded to indigent children and best brains selected through Quiz Competition and Debates to enable them achieve their goals which ordinarily would have been averted by financial constraints.

We believe in Rebuilding Lives For Future